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Local students watch as Biden takes office

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PAYSON, Ill. (WGEM) -- Local students saw history in motion today as a new president took charge in Washington, D.C.

Students at Payson Seymour High School watched and discussed the inauguration process today in class.

Maddie Bradshaw said it is a day she would never forget.

"I'm just really happy that we got to watch it and I still remember when President Trump was inaugurated and I think I'll probably remember this one even more than that now," Bradshaw said.

Her Social Science teacher, Mark Hickey, said his students learned about the inauguration process and the history behind it for weeks now.

"This is an event that happens once every four years. It's a really important time for our country and for our kids to see a peaceful transition of power like it has become today, it's really an important thing to watch. It's history," Hickey said.

He said it is important for his students to see what a country coming together is supposed to look like even if people have different opinions.

"The support of the American people, and the outreach of the American people, and the number of people who voted this year is very historical," Hickey said. "And it's good to see the American people taking part in their own country and doing what they're supposed to do."

Bradshaw said the process went by fast and wasn't what she expected.

"I really felt like it was going to be oh wow there's a new president right now," Bradshaw said.

"That it'd feel so different, but I realized that it really doesn't, like it feels the same."

Hickey says his students will also discuss President Biden's 17 executive orders as he rolls out how they will be done, which will take time.

Charity Bell

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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