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House Republicans oppose Pritzker’s decoupling proposal

Steve Reick (R- Woodstock)

SPRINGFIELD, Ill.- Illinois House Republicans believe Governor J.B. Pritzker should re-think a tax plan that could affect small business owners this Spring.

They say Democrats attempted to pass legislation during lame-duck session that would have cost millions in taxes. While the proposal was unsuccessful, Pritzker hopes lawmakers can push the proposal through both champers this Spring.

Still, caucus members say the decoupling proposal would only hurt small businesses already struggling from the pandemic. Representative Mike Marron (R-Fithian) feels more people will move out of his district if lawmakers raise taxes.

"It's either a $500 million or a $1.4 billion dollar hit on a bunch of small businesses that have been devastated for the last 10 months because of the Governor's actions," said Marron. "It's just unbelievable."

While House Republicans understand other states adopted decoupling plans, they stressed businesses had more time to prepare, unlike Illinois.

Representative Steve Reick (R- Woodstock) called the administration incompetent for waiting to tell Illinoisans about the possibility until January when they knew about it in October.

"There's a whole lot of companies that are going to be affected by this and they're all the kind of companies that are being folded up and shut down during the pandemic." said Reick.

Shortly after the Republican press conference, Pritzker explained 26 other states already put through decoupling plans to balance their budgets.

Meanwhile, the administration is now offering $3.4 million through federal COVID-19 emergency programs to help small businesses. Pritzker says lawmakers will move forward with the proposal since Republicans haven't provided other solutions to balance the budget.

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