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Quincy Riverfront Master Plan approved by Quincy Plan Commission

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QUINCY (WGEM) -- The Quincy Riverfront Master Plan is closer to reality after the Quincy Plan Commission approved it Wednesday night, although that doesn't mean it will happen just yet.

Now the plan will go to city council for further consideration to become part of the city's comprehensive long term plan.

Quincy Riverfront Master Plan Developers said this means the city will have something to show as they plan for the future so that they can begin to negotiate about what community members and leaders want the riverfront to look like.

"So this is a long term plan, and the idea is for it to be a tool for the community to guide to develop the riverfront over time," said Quincy Riverfront Master Plan Consultant Team Project Manager Cullen Duke.

Duke said Wednesday night's presentation was a year in the making after numerous meetings with the public about what they want for the riverfront.

He said the goal is to come up with development opportunities

"So as as funding or opportunities arise. This is a plan that would be in place that would the community and say hey we're, this is our plan. This is where we want and can use that as a tool to negotiate for those funding opportunities," said Duke.

Quincy Planning Commission chair Jim Citro said this doesn't mean the plan is set in stone.

"It means Quincy has a vision of what we'd like to do with the riverfront. And that is a long term plan maybe a 20 year plan," said Citro.

He said now it heads to consideration from other groups.

"With the city council, and the park district, and the Adams county board all will take a look at it," said Citro.

One major concern was possible tax increases, Duke said while that is an option, it doesn't mean it would be the only source of funding for projects on the riverfront.

"ITF funds, could be grants, it could be, you know, there's a infrastructure bill being discussed out there so there's a lot of opportunities that might provide funding for a project like this," said Duke.

One member of the commission noted that all of the things in the plan together would cost around $50 million.

The commission passed the plan with everyone voting yes except for one person Tanner Freiburg.

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