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Local vaccine sign-up slows, especially among younger population

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EDINA, Mo. (WGEM) -- As vaccination efforts continue in Northeast Missouri, health officials in some rural areas said interest in signing up for the vaccine has slowed.

At the Knox County Health Department, administrator Lori Moots-Clair said they're at around 30% vaccinated or ready to get their second dose for the county.

While many of those 59 and older have gotten the vaccine done, they're struggling to continue that trend with younger people.

"With regard to vaccine right now, we are not expecting shipments because we simply don't have a waiting list, we're getting to the point where if we open a vial for prime doses, which are the first doses. We have a hard time finding people to finish out the vial," said Moots-Claire.

By her estimation, the roughly 30% who have gotten the vaccine were higher risk people.

"50 to 64 years or older age group that is high risk is covered, but I think we have a gap 18 to 49," explained Moots-Clair, "and then of course there's nothing for kids yet."

She said the issue now is that group just isn't as excited to sign-up for the vaccine as those in the 50 to 65 and older range.

Moots-Clair said while they want as many people as possible to get that vaccine, she knows there's a limit.

"But I would be happy if 20% more of the population would come take the vaccine," she said.

The new pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine isn't helping either according to Moots-Clair.

"I think people hear oh there's a problem with it and it deters them from every type of vaccine that's on the market," said Moots-Clair.

She said they're hanging on to Johnson & Johnson doses they have, and thinks it'll likely get re-approved.

For now she said there are still the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which most people at the health department have already gotten with little to no issues.

"We're just hoping that people will wait watch we're gonna keep telling our story, and, you know, hope that we just see some more people pick it up when they have the option," said Moots-Clair.

Knox County sits at 6th in the state of Missouri for the percentage of the population vaccinated.

Moots-Clair said you can still to get advice on where to get a vaccine by calling them at (660) 397-3396.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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