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Household appliances in short supply in the Tri-States

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QUINCY (WGEM) -- Manufacturing shortages have driven down appliance inventory to the point that it could take months to get your next washing machine or refrigerator, local retailers said on Wednesday.

"I have seen people that absolutely insist they have to have this refrigerator that's this wide, this color, these features and I tell them point blank, I can't get that to you in a timely manner," Quincy Lowe's Appliance Sales Specialist Greg Sutton said.

Sutton said the pandemic caused manufacturers to operate at 25% capacity, which slowed the number of appliances being shipped overseas to the United States.

"There are other ships out there that can't come into the country in a timely fashion, they have to wait for the quarantine process," Sutton said. "Then there's a backlog at the ports and then trying to get those appliances spread out to all the vendors, ourselves and our competitors," Sutton said.

Patrick McDonald, the department supervisor at Quincy Lowe's, said white dishwashers, for example, are considered special orders and can take two weeks to six months to get to you.

"Some of the stuff from out overseas we have seen a few items on special order from those that are giving us a lead time of greater than six months. They're not even giving us official dates on when we will see that stuff yet," McDonald said.

McDonald said customers have to adjust to the shortage.

"They've been picking out the appliances they want for their house that they're building and then going ahead and buying a cheaper model just to get buy," McDonald said.

McDonald said it's hard to determine how long the shortage will last.

He said if you can wait, place your orders now and expect them around Thanksgiving. If you can't wait, he said it's best you get a model they have in store that's close to what you'd want.

Charity Bell

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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