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Illinois legislators hope to add additional penalties for Scott’s Law violations


SPRINGFIELD, Ill.- Illinois lawmakers hope to make a small change to Scott's Law. They want to make sure people face more than a fine for not moving over.

The law covers situations where people must move away from a side of the road where emergency crews are helping someone. Currently, those who violate Scott's Law receive a $250 fine.

Now, Rep. Janet Yang Rohr (D-Naperville) is sponsoring a proposal to add community service as a punishment if you break the law. The Democrat stressed this bill would not take away the current penalties.

"For some people writing that $250 check may not be enough," said Yang Rohr. "But maybe taking away their Saturday's will get them to really think and really emphasize the need for them to proceed with caution."

She also said this amendment emphasizes the need for drivers to slow down and pay attention to emergency vehicles.

The proposal advanced out of the House Transportation Committee unanimously. It will now head to the House floor for further discussion.

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