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Two Quincy Public Schools parents devise plan to test QPS student sign-out policies

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QUINCY (WGEM) -- The Quincy Public School District decided not to comment Wednesday night on two parents' plan to expose supposed flaws in its security system and policies.

QPS parent Ronnie Quinn said another parent, Tanya Belknap, contacted her with concerns about the school district's policy to sign kids out.

Belknap said her daughter knew she was getting picked up for a doctor's appointment. So she had Quinn call and pretend to be her.

"And asked if I would test QPS and how they handle releasing children. So I obliged and I told her that I would absolutely help her. And so we did. I called the school Monday morning, pretended to be this other parent, and successfully got the child released to me and I've never met this child," Quinn said.

Belknap said the school let her daughter go without checking Quinn's identification even though they said it's policy right now that parents not go inside because of COVID-19.

Quinn said they did it to find holes in the current policy and see if more can be done to protect kids.

"Seeing what is happening to these children's files when they go from an elementary school to say the junior high or junior high to the high school. Some of these critical alerts aren't carrying over. Let's figure out a way to you know maybe fix that," Quinn said.

Quincy Public Schools Superintendent Roy Webb said the school district has strict policies in place for student sign-outs but he would not give any more details on what those are. He said he did not want to give any further attention to what he called a ploy.

It's important to note that Roni Quinn is the parent who sued Quincy Public Schools over the mask requirement last year. That lawsuit was dismissed.

Charity Bell

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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