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Safety signs coming to QMG Maine Street crosswalk

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QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) -- Quincy officials said too many drivers aren't following the rules when they approach crosswalks, and they're trying to change that.

Quincy Medical Group employees said the Maine Street crosswalk in front of the QMG building can be dangerous for pedestrians, as many cars do not yield to people crossing there.

On Tuesday night, the Quincy traffic commission decided to bring more signage to the crosswalk in an effort to get people to stop when they're supposed to. Illinois laws state that cars have the right of way when pedestrians are not yet in the crosswalk, but must stop for pedestrians if they are standing in the crosswalk.

Senior Project Engineer Steve Bange said they want to make sure drivers know that.

"Last night we decided that we should add some additional signage to kind of clarify that cars should stop for people that are crossing the street, because right now some people stop for the pedestrians, other people drive straight through. So there's some confusion," Bange said.

The new signs will tell drivers to stop for pedestrians.

Payson resident Dakota Epley frequently takes her daughter to doctor's appointments at QMG. Epley said she's seen drivers blow through that crosswalk and many others in Quincy.

"It's actually very concerning, especially when you have a little kid who likes to run around and let go of hands," she said.

Quincy Patrol Officer Amber Haistings thinks the new signs will help keep more people safe.

“Nobody wants to get hit," Haistings said. "We don’t want to see anybody get hit and or injured so if we can do anything to lower the numbers it’s definitely a positive thing.”

The city is currently in the process of ordering the signs and expects to have them up in a month.

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