Quincy Recycle continues to expand

Glass, plastic, and cardboard are all materials that Quincy Recycle transforms for manufacturers and commercial businesses nationwide.

Quincy Recycle has been apart of the local community since the 1990s.

Officials said being the first in the franchise makes them unique from the other facilities.

Quincy location general manager Kyle Venvertloh said his facility stands out since they handle more post-consumer plastics, recreating them into something of value to keep them out of landfills.

"We sort those materials and add value and resell those products to folks that will reuse them and make more products, whether it's carpet or decking or a number of other applications," Venvertloh said.

Venvertloh said his team enjoys being able to help businesses in the community.

"If we can make their life easier and focus on the things that make them money, that makes their businesses go that make their people successful, it's fun to be a apart of that," he said.

Quincy Recycles Finance and Administration vice president Philip Hildebrand Jr. said this expansion would not be possible without a solid team.

"We have a very intense team that's out there looking to constantly grow our presence in the market, work with industrial manufactures, and be responsible with their materials," he said.

Hildebrand said this expansion is just the start.

"We want to continue to grow and continue to create great opportunities for great people," he said.