DIGGING DEEPER: Family blames failed legal system for Quincy teen’s death

A Quincy man sits in the Adams County Jail, transferred from Sangamon County on Tuesday. Gage Patterson will be in court on Wednesday, accused of violating an order of protection

Digging Deeper: Fix or Flatten

Old, abandoned, buildings are causing real problems all across the Tri-States. So, why aren’t cities taking faster action to deal with it?

DIGGING DEEPER: Is an opioid antidote saving or enabling?

The opioid epidemic is a terrifying reality. According to the Centers for Disease Control, ERs in the Midwest saw a 70 percent rise in overdose cases last year. Now, there’s a new concern regarding the antidote used to save people from opioid overdoses. 

Digging Deeper: ‘Taxed Out’

The holiday shopping season is the biggest time of the year for retailers. And, how shoppers spend their money is a hot topic right now.