QMG, Blessing focused on future of surgery centers

Blessing Health System announced plans Wednesday to relocate its ambulatory surgery center that's currently housed on Quincy Medical Group property. 

DIGGING DEEPER: Hidden in Plain Sight

Is your teen Juuling? A Juul is a very small e-cigarette that’s popular with teens because it’s the size of a flash drive, and easy to conceal at home and at school.

WIU violates open meeting laws

The Illinois Attorney General’s Office says Western Illinois University’s Board of Trustees, a board accountable to taxpayers, met illegally back in June and kept public information from the public.

Digging Deeper: Affordable Healthcare?

If you struggle with healthcare costs, you’re not alone. The average person spends about $10,000 a year for healthcare. From the look of 4-year-old Hayden