Radio Sports Schedule

AM games broadcast on ESPN AM 1440 & FM 98.9. FM games broadcast on News/Talk 105. Games joined in progress (indicated by ‘JIP’) will begin after the completion of prior programming. Game times and schedule are subject to change. Local games and select seasonal programming are also streamed live online.

FRI10/12/20186:00 PM BaseballAMNLCS – Game 1
FRI10/12/20187:15 PM FootballFMQHS vs. Moline
FRI10/12/201810:35 PM FootballFM5th Quarter
SAT10/13/20184:45 PMQUFootballFMQU vs. Indianapolis
SAT10/13/20182:00 PM BaseballAMNLCS – Game 2
SAT10/13/20186:00 PM BaseballAMALCS – Game 1
SUN10/14/20185:00 PM BaseballAMALCS – Game 2
MON10/15/20186:00 PM FootballAMQU Football Weekly
MON10/15/20186:00 PM BaseballAMNLCS – Game 3 (JIP)
TUE10/16/20186:00 PM  AMHawk Talk
TUE10/16/2018  BaseballAMALCS – Game 3
TUE10/16/2018  BaseballAMNLCS – Game 4
WED10/17/20186:00 PM  AMThe Devils Details
WED10/17/2018  BaseballAMALCS – Game 4
WED10/17/2018  BaseballAMNLCS – Game 5 (if nec)
THU10/18/20186:00 PM  AMRaider Report
THU10/18/20186:30 PMBullsBasketballAMBulls @ 76ers (season opener)
THU10/18/2018  BaseballAMALCS – Game 5 (if nec)
FRI10/19/2018  BaseballAMNLCS – Game 6 (if nec)
FRI10/19/20186:30 PM FootballAM/FMQHS @ QND
FRI10/19/201810:35 PM FootballFM5th Quarter
SAT10/20/20184:45 PMQUFootballFMQU vs. Missouri S&T
SAT10/20/20186:30 PMBullsBasketballAMBulls vs. Pistons
SAT10/20/2018  BaseballAMALCS – Game 6 (if nec)
SAT10/20/2018  BaseballAMNLCS – Game 7 (if nec)
SUN10/21/2018  BaseballAMALCS – Game 7 (if nec)
MON10/22/20186:00 PM FootballAMQU Football Weekly
MON10/22/20187:00 PMBullsBasketballAMBulls @ Mavericks
TUE10/23/20186:00 PM  AMHawk Talk
TUE10/23/2018  BaseballAMWorld Series – Game 1
WED10/24/20186:00 PM  AMDevils’ Details 
WED10/24/2018  BaseballAMWorld Series – Game 2
THU10/25/20186:00 PM  AMRaider Report (football finale)
FRI10/26/2018  BaseballAMWorld Series – Game 3
SAT10/27/20181:45 PMQUFootballFMQU @ Truman State
SAT10/27/2018 QHSFootballAMRound 1 Playoffs vs. TBA
SAT10/27/2018  BaseballAMWorld Series – Game 4
SAT10/27/20186:45 PMQU MenBasketballFMExhibition–QU @ Saint Louis U.